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The main goal of our team is the promotion of the Jeep-brand and it's lifestyle, by travelling "off the beaten tracks". This is done by participating to local Belgian events, but mainly by organizing travels to explore different cultures, and enjoy nature and European sceneries in a new and evironmental-friendly way.

We want to express a sense of responsibility for the nature and our planet, but are also convinced that the best way to enjoy it, is to go out there, talk to other people, share languages, stories and dishes.

For an overview of our travels, you can find an interactive map on this page. By 2008, we had travelled across Europe, from East (Dingle, Ireland) to West (Kalambaka, Greece) in about 2800 km., and from North (Rovaniemi, Arctic Circle, Finland) to South (Gabes, Tunisia) in about 4000 km.

Future destinations

We have a decent number of destinations on our wishlist; when time and budget allow it, we are planning to visit, among others:

  • Turkey, with a trip to the Eastern part of the country, including Anatolia
  • Canada (this would be our first fly-and-drive expedition, combined with car rental from
  • Another trip to Finland, a magnificent country we would like to try to visit in summer also.
  • Ireland: another trip to Ireland could be planned in the near future
  • Libya: back to Tunisia, and further east to Libya
  • Spain: Andalucia exploration trip, visiting the national parks (

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